DNA Profiling

dna profiling

What is DNA profiling

DNA profiling, also known as DNA fingerprinting, offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability, unlike traditional methods such as fingerprinting or blood typing. The critical strength of DNA profiling lies in its unique ability to analyze specific regions of an individual’s DNA, known as short tandem repeats (STRs). These STRs are highly variable among individuals, making the likelihood of two people sharing the same DNA profile infinitesimally small. This level of specificity enables forensic experts to establish a match with an extraordinarily high degree of certainty. Moreover, DNA profiling can be applied to various biological samples, such as hair, blood, semen, and even minute traces of biological material left at crime scenes. This versatility significantly expands the scope of cases where DNA profiling can be employed, providing a powerful tool for investigators in solving crimes.

In contrast to conventional methods that may be limited by the quality or quantity of the sample, DNA profiling allows for the analysis of degraded or minute samples, enhancing its utility in challenging forensic scenarios. The accuracy and reliability of DNA profiling have led to its widespread acceptance in legal systems around the world, and it has become the gold standard for individual identification. While traditional techniques may provide valuable information, DNA profiling offers unparalleled certainty, making it a game-changer in forensic investigations. Its efficacy has not only revolutionized criminal investigations but has also found applications in civil disputes, such as paternity testing and immigration cases. Overall, DNA profiling is a highly effective and indispensable tool in the quest for justice, setting a new standard for conclusively establishing individuals’ identities in various legal contexts.

The types of cases that are solved by Truth Labs include:

  • Homicide cases
  • Sexual assault and gang-rape cases
  • Paternity/Maternity disputes
  • Kinship DNA test
  • Lineage/Familial disputes resolution
  • DNA Fingerprinting for Organ Transplants
  • DNA analysis of crime scene evidence
  • Identification of victims of mass disasters
  • Suspected baby swapping cases
  • Immigration VISA DNA test
  • Suspected cases of driver swapping
  • Missing person identification
  • Ancient DNA analysis

Truth Labs also carried out examination of a wide variety of biological samples including blood, teeth, bones, muscles, saliva, semen, hair, nails, blood-stained garments, weapons as well as physical evidence like knives, scissors, bamboo sticks, iron rods, used condoms, etc.

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