Disputed Fingerprints (FP)

Fingerprint expert services

Fingerprint experts at Truth Labs conduct various forensic examinations concerned with:

  • Thumb impression verification
  • Development of Latent fingerprints
  • 10 Digit Fingerprinting

The fingerprint experts areresponsible for searching, development and identification of patent (visible) as well as latent (invisible) fingerprints, palm prints & foot prints at scene of crime on various surfaces and articles/objects such as currency, cupboards, walls,envelops, containers, doors, windows, etc. The experts also deals with the comparison of disputed fingerprints which are suspected to have been tampered with in cases of property disputes/ manipulation, recruitment frauds, impersonation, fraudulent transactions etc., along with obtaining 10 Digit fingerprints on fingerprint cards for police clearance, employment verification, medical licensing, visa purpose, and immigration etc.

The fingerprint expert deals with various types of disputed documents such as:

  • Sale Deed/Agreement
  • Cheques
  • Will
  • Promissory Notes
  • Service Registers
  • Recruitment Applications
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Bank Application Forms
  • Bills/Receipts
  • Official letters/Statements
  • Suicide Letters
  • Land Registration Documents

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