Investigation of Insurance Claims

The leader in insurance claims investigations in India.

Truth Labs is the pioneer in introducing forensic services to the insurance sector when the number of suspicious and fraudulent claims have steadily shown unprecedented rise in the late 90 ‘s and early years of 2000. 

Truth Labs started its operations in Hyderabad in 2007 followed by Delhi in 2009  and Chennai  in 2010 and around that time the IRDAI started a series of progressive measures including innovation transparency and trustworthy approaches. As a part of these measures, Truth Labs services were sought for forensic and field investigation of suspicious claims to determine the actual causes of claims and loss prevention steps towards controlling incidents of fire incidents, burglaries, marine losses and motor vehicle accidents etc. 

Late Shri C S Rao, the Chairman was instrumental in encouraging Truth Labs to provide forensic services  in 2009-2010 in public sector insurance companies to start with. Thanks to his professional leadership and support for professionalism, Truth Labs started receiving cases and gradually increased 100 cases per year within a decade, mostly from four public sector, 20 private sector and foreign insurance agencies.

In the last 16 years, Truth Labs has handled more than 1500 cases comprising of more than 850 major fire claims and over 500 motor claims besides cases of crime scene or incident reconstruction in road accidents, industrial accidents, rail accidents, ship accidents, equipment and machinery failures, structural collapses, investigation of death/medical claims, burglary/theft cases, motor theft cases, damages due to natural calamity etc.

Truth Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and its reports are considered forensically sound by the Insurance companies by virtue of its legal acceptability and the presence of qualified trained and well experienced experts by who can render expert testimony in the courts of law to uphold the truth and justice.

Truth Labs services are extended to medico legal investigation of cases of injuries and deaths in accidental fires, suicides, disasters and road accidents.

The Experts of Truth Labs also investigate cases of suspected driver implantation wherein they collect blood samples in case of motor accidents for DNA analysis to ascertain the actual person who was driving at the actual time of accident. Each case involves detailed inspection of the property/vehicle followed by recording the incident site by taking photographs, videos and collecting relevant physical, documentary and circumstantial evidences. By now, Truth Labs Forensic Services in Insurance Claim investigation became synonymous with truthful and professionally competent services  were offered from all six metropolitan cities with full-fledged staff and equipment with Directors, Joint Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors and Scientific Officers team with 15 full time forensic experts who have been the top scientists in central and state FSLs before joining  Truth Labs and who trained many others .T

ruth Labs reports are accepted by global agencies also by virtue of its quality and dependability besides reliability and reputation of erstwhile forensic Directors, Police Officers, medico-legal experts, Insurance professionals who are assisted by more than 15 highly qualified, trained, experienced experts well versed in crime scene processing, information gathering, witness handling and report writing.

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