Crime Scene Forensics

crime scene forensics

Truth Labs services are often sought by the law enforcement agencies, courts, government departments, private agencies as well as victims and families who are affected due to theft of valuables, burglary of goods and materials, incidents of pilferage, damage to properties or goods, incidents of fire, road traffic accidents, family members sustained of poisoning by others etc.

In crime scenes involving bodily offences including murder, rape, sexual assault, physical violence between people, mass disasters and suspected homicide or suicide etc. the services of medico legal experts  will visit the scenes of incident along with fingerprint and other subject  experts having knowledge in crime scene processing, physical evidence collection, lifting, recording, packing, forwarding the materials to forensic science labs of the central and state government or the independent forensic science labs like Truth Labs . .

In cases of suspected rape or murder or bodily assaults the medico legal experts will conduct preliminary assessments of the victim’s condition and for further examination the victim will be asked to obtain medical services of the hospital to collect any other evidence to be collected by the concerned male/ female doctors. In cases of shooting cases involving fire arms , the crime scene experts will look for left over  weapons, bullets, pellets, cartridges, and collect gunshot residues from suspected shooters fingers and palms nails etc

In other cases like road accidents , explosions , industrial fires , household fires, mass disasters etc the most common physical evidence like blood spatters, blood stains, blood stained clothes and other soiled garments used for sexual assault found in and around the place of offence , besides evidence like hair, fibers, nails, bite marks, fingerprints etc. are collected.

In case of cyber crimes and audio video crimes the cyber forensic experts will search for digital evidence from mobile phones, laptops, notepads or iPads, pen drives and a variety memory devices like hard disks, printers, printed documents , complete hardware , software , network systems suspected to have been involved will be seized for linking the evidence with the crime or perpetrator and the victim .

The detailed procedure for each crime or incident differs from others in terms of the nature of offence, modus operandi of the criminal , vulnerability of the victims will be examined and appropriate evidence will be collected.  In general every crime case or other incident the processing of evidence is handled as per standard operating procedures standard cases of mass procedures such as survey or inspection , search for evidence ,  location, collection, packing, labelling, marking for identification and the same procedure is followed by Truth Labs crime scene experts handling any incident of investigation reaching the scenes within few hours.

Besides the above common procedures for collection of physical evidence from a wide variety of crime scenes or incident spots, the procedure for eliciting information from the victims, suspects and witnesses in the form of collection and documentation of statements of facts, evidence of circumstances, corroborative data that can lead  to the investigation of case /incident will be elicited by the experts of Truth Labs who also undertake field investigation in the cases of end-to-end investigation . carried out by Truth Labs in several cases which is similar to the work done by central and state forensic science labs. The difference however is that the Truth Labs expert besides collection of physical evidence also carry out interviewing, information gathering and statement collection work as a part of end-to-end investigations

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