Future of Cyber Crimes

Ai and IoT in cyber crime

Can Cyber Forensics tackle cyber crime?


How to stop criminal activities whose returns far outweigh any fear of punitive actions which all the international law enforcement agencies have in place? The efforts to cut down cyber crimes is approaching hopeless proportions, with a 15% annual growth rate. At that rate, these clever cybercrooks are even bound to increase their bounties by around $10.5 trillion by 2025.

Broadly the cyber crimes causing concern to the society today are listed below:

  • Pandemic-related Phishing

  • Ransomware Attacks

  • Increase in Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks

  • Mobile Malware

  • Cyberoptimism

  • AI to IoT in Cybercrime

  • Supply Chain Attacks

  • Data Breaches

  • Crypto jacking

  • Targeted Attacks

  • Encrypted Communication Platform

  • Raising usage of Bitcoins

  • DDoS Attacks

  • Outdated and Open-Source Vulnerabilities

  • Social Engineering

  • RDP (Remote Desk Protocol) Attacks

Some of the cyber crime trends to watch for are worth mentioning

As it is with the proverbial two sides for every coin, there are two sides to cyberspace. Cyberspace is a great place for commerce, societal advancement, and innovation. However, the same place harbors crooks who are ready to pounce any chance they get. Advanced technology and systems give an edge to businesses and organizations, but it means newer and more advanced methods for cybercriminals to attack too, leading to a marked increase in dangerous cybercrime trends.

Cyber crime presents the trickiest types of criminals to deal with. Armed with sophisticated tools of the trade, they are getting more audacious every day, threatening businesses of all sizes. Bigger organizations have deeper pockets for more advanced security tools to face cyber threats, but small business enterprises are not always so lucky. Thus, staying aware and vigilant at all times can go a long way in preventing these cyber attacks from occurring, and it is also helpful to know what IT security solutions are perfect to protect your site

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