Forensic Document Experts of Truth Labs have examined and reported over 10,000 cases referred by police, courts, government agencies, banks, corporates, academic institutions and individuals with respect to verification of documents undertaking examination of ink, paper, typed / printed matter, handwriting, thump impressions, stamp impressions, metallic seal impressions, rubber seal impressions, water marks, stamp papers, security features, photographs, alterations, erasures, obliteration etc. with the help of latest state-of-the-art equipment including Video Spectral Comparator, stereo-zoom microscope, magnifiers under various lighting arrangements, so as to ascertain the genuineness of the documents and authorship of the signatures, handwritings, thump impressions or otherwise.
Experiences over the years show that some of the documents are fabricated either by printing the same matter on multiple stamp papers / certificates to make multiple copies appearing to be originals so as to mislead the authorities as well as the document examiners. Even if the stamp paper / certificate is genuine, the printing, the numbering, the signatures, the rubber stamp impressions, the thumb impressions etc. could be forged. Sometimes the fraudsters are resorting to taking a colour photostat of the text on the genuine stamp paper and then at times even laminate it to mislead the authorities. In all these cases the document experts of Truth Labs can undertake forensic examination to identify the forgery.

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