DNA Fingerprinting tests can be conducted for identification, individualisation or establishing biological relatedness in a wide variety of cases such as:
a. To establish the paternity in cases involving:
• Accidental or intentional child swapping (to know who are the biological father and the biological mother)
• Property heredity issues (to determine parentage)
• Disputed paternity (to know who is the biological father)
• Child adoption in civil matters
• Fetal remains testing
b. Personal identity of dead in accidents, fires, mass disasters, missing persons, unidentified bodies etc. (by comparing with DNA of kith and kin)
c. Insurance driver change cases to determine the identity of driver who got injured at the time of motor vehicle accident (by examining blood from stains during injury on and around the driver seat and console with control samples collected from alleged / suspected drivers)
d. Rape and murder cases with evidence of blood, semen etc. (to link the victim to the accused and prove the crime)
e. Relationship establishment for organ transplant, surrogacy & IVF, visa and immigration processes (by comparing wit DNA of kith and kin)
f. Plant and wildlife DNA testing (comparison with known samples)

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