The exhibits along with a requisition letter by the competent forwarding authority of service seeker addressed to the Director of respective regional office of Truth Labs giving detailed description of the documents or material evidence, legal / case reference details, brief background of the matter and nature and purpose of examination required, shall be required to be submitted in person, through an authorised representative or by reliable postal / courier services, for forensic examination and report thereof by the concerned experts of Truth Labs.
Truth Labs is not responsible for improper delivery of registered letters/parcels resulting in loss or damage or pilferage of documents. Once the documents are received at Truth Labs, the case is registered assigning a unique File No. and an acknowledgment letter for receipt of the documents is sent immediately.
Even during Covid-19 outbreak across the globe, many clients have come forward for utilizing the forensic analytical services of Truth Labs by sending the relevant material evidence in the form of scanned documents, audio-video recordings, images and pictures, soft copies of mails & headers etc. through email / whatsapp which have been examined by the Experts of Truth Labs and digitally secured reports were furnished. Based on these experiences gained, TRUTH LABS ONLINE FORENSIC SERVICES are now being extended in all urgent, sensitive and important matters of examination of Questioned Documents, Handwriting / Signatures Comparison, Digital Documents Examination, Disputed Fingerprints, Forensic Accounting, Audio-Video Authentication, Speaker & Image Identification, CCTV Footage Enhancement, Email Tracing, Medico-Legal Consultancy etc.

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