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Magnet Forensics Helps Truth Labs Deliver Justice in Child Abuse and Fraud Cases in India

WATERLOO, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Magnet Forensics (TSX: MAGT), a developer of digital investigation solutions used by more than 4,000 enterprises and public safety organizations in over 100 countries, today announced that Truth Labs, India’s first independent forensic science laboratory, is leveraging Magnet AXIOM to pursue justice against criminals involved in human trafficking, crimes against children, atrocities against scheduled castes and tribes and fraud.

“Truth Labs plays a fundamental role in India’s justice system by helping police agencies overburdened by digital evidence complete their digital investigations, bring timely justice to perpetrators and exonerate the innocent”

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“Magnet Forensics has been a tremendous partner in our quest to bring swift justice to criminals who exploit innocent victims,” said Anupama Kilaru, director, digital forensics division, Truth Labs. “Magnet AXIOM has been an invaluable addition to our investigative toolkit due to the breadth and depth of analytics it covers in computer, mobile and cloud acquisitions. Its analytical tools allow us to recover critical evidence faster and trace the events that occurred during a crime while presenting our cases to the court or prosecuting authority.”

Comprised of veteran forensic scientists who served government laboratories and reputed officers who retired from police and the judiciary, Truth Labs is a non-profit forensic laboratory providing services to police, courts, enterprises and individuals who otherwise could not access them. Founded by Dr. Gandhi P.C. Kaza, the former director of Andhra Pradesh Forensic Labs and current advisor to various state governments in India, the organization has been operating for 15 years. Since 2019, Truth Labs has used Magnet AXIOM, a digital forensics platform for recovering, analyzing and reporting on digital evidence from mobile phones, computers, IoT devices and the cloud, in more than 300 cases.

“Truth Labs plays a fundamental role in India’s justice system by helping police agencies overburdened by digital evidence complete their digital investigations, bring timely justice to perpetrators and exonerate the innocent,” said Jad Saliba, founder and chief technology officer at Magnet Forensics. “Magnet AXIOM is helping digital investigators like those at Truth Labs make daily break throughs in their cases by recovering and analyzing critical digital evidence, including deleted and hidden data, and quickly getting it into the hands of investigating officers.”

Magnet AXIOM immediately enhanced Truth Labs’ ability to make a difference in digital investigations. In 2019, the Kolkata Police outsourced a fraud investigation to Truth Labs. The suspects were accused of impersonating Microsoft technical support workers during phone calls to U.S. citizens in a bid to steal personal information. Truth Labs used Magnet AXIOM to examine multiple iPhones as well as Mac and Windows laptops belonging to the suspects. Digital investigators recovered instruction documents outlining how to speak with victims, how to react in certain situations and how to remotely connect to victims’ computers to steal personal information. They also recovered spreadsheets filled with personal data, such as banking information and credit card numbers, belonging to the victims.

In another recent case, Truth Labs used Magnet AXIOM to investigate alleged child abuse for the Karnataka State Police. The child and her parents filed a police report accusing a tenant in their home of abuse. In one key piece of the investigation, the suspect told police he never communicated virtually with the child. Truth Labs, however, was able to use Magnet AXIOM to recover deleted data demonstrating the suspect had communicated with the child through WhatsApp. The information was vital to the case because it proved the suspect was lying and had attempted to cover his tracks.

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 In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others. – Deuteronomy Rabbah 

Truth Labs strives to impart forensic education to build a better, more informed community, particularly to the persons who are or who aspire to become a part of the criminal justice system. Truth Labs, in association with the Maharashtra National Law University (MNLU), has launched a forensics and criminology course, that awards the student M.A. IN LAW, FORENSIC SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY upon completion of learnings in 12 different subjects pertaining to forensics and law. 

Subjects included in this course are Criminal Justice Systems, Questioned Documents, Fingerprints, Cyber Forensics, Digital Forensics Audio-Video Forensics, Forensic Engineering and Forensic Accounting Criminal, Civil, Special, and Local Laws, Forensic Physics, Ballistics, Forensic Biology, DNA, Serology & Medical Sciences, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Chemistry including Toxicology, Narcotics & Explosives, Emerging Laws relating to Advances in Science & Technology, Forensics for White-Collar Crimes; DNA Forensics; Identification of Human, plant and animal species, Medico-legal Investigation; Forensic Medicine, Forensic Pathology and Anthropology.  

Within 2 years the students will be taught and trained in 12 subjects inclusive of a dissertation thesis that gives them in-depth knowledge of all subjects in forensic science and law. The course is tailored by the teaching faculty at MNLU and the Expert Board at Truth Labs to spin an all-encompassing course in forensic education with an opportunity to learn under seasoned experts.  

This course has been inspired by the previous successful courses and educational initiatives that Truth Labs had organized in partnership with the Banaras Hindu University, the University of Hyderabad and the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR) Hyderabad. With a successful track record of educating students at these universities, our organization expanded its purview to include the students of MNLU. From July 2023, students interested in forensic and legal sciences can join Maharashtra National Law University (MNLU) to obtain an Advanced Diploma Course in Law, Forensic Science and Technology (Upon completion of only 1 year) or MA Degree in Law, Forensic Science and Technology (Upon completion of 2 years). 

People who aspire to work with Investigative bodies (such as Police, Intelligence Agencies, etc.), Judiciary, NGOs, Security agencies, Government and Private Forensic Laboratories, Financial institutes, etc. will benefit from this all-inclusive course that aims to imbibe a holistic forensic and legal knowledge to all. Folks who have a background in Arts, Science, Law, Engineering, or Medicine with a passion for learning about forensic and legal science are eligible to enroll in this program. This extends to professionals in fields such as Lawyers, Police, Teachers, etc.  

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